Thursday, August 10, 2017

Writing term 3 week 3 Holiday recount

Learning goal
I am learning to write a recount about our holiday.

2 August Wednesday 2017                Going to the swimming pool

On Saturday 22/7/17 I went to the swimming pool with my family. My aunty came along with us.She was watching us play in the water. Me and my brother were splashing,diving and swimming we were having fun then we tried the large swimming pool but we drowned in the water then my mum saved me and my brother then I went out of the water. When I went out of the water I was so sacred then I told my mum I wouldn’t go to the large swimming pool.

After that we went to change into our normal clothes and went to the car with my Aunty,mum and brother to go to Otahuhu to a shop there to eat Lu and manioke.  Then we brought ice cream then we went to papakura for my Aunty to do something. It was taking so long then I was trying to stay awake so I can see when she comes. She came at night time then she said let's head back home. When we got home she said she needs to go to papakura to look after her friends Daughter. Then my mum said to go have a shower when we finish having a shower we went to our mum then she said to go to sleep for church.

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