Thursday, August 10, 2017

Writing term 3 week 3 recount writing

Learning goal
We are learning to write a recount about our day at school with no lights.

9 August 2017 Wednesday
The power Went out at your school today. Write a short recount about your experience.

At school the power went out.I saw a Candle in the office I thought there was a Zombie in the office I was Afraid that the Zombie might come and kill me but when I saw Mr Cocale in the office I was surprised. I was sitting on the bench and waited for the  hall door to open so I can go and eat breakfast. When I finished eating breakfast I saw Izayah and when he came out of his mum’s car. When he got out of the car then I ran to the door at the office when he got to the shad at the hall my teacher Mrs Middleton open the door then we went into class.

When I got my Netbook and charger out I realized that the power was off I was Afraid  then I told my teacher what happened to the light? She said that there was a cut.  When I was doing the chairs with Izayah I was so scared then Tom came and I thought that Abs was sick but when Diego asked Tom, Tom said that Abs was still coming then I said hooray because there was Financial literacy when the bell rang ding ding ding we sat on out chairs for Financial literacy. When  Financial literacy finished we went on our Prototec we couldn't finish the Prototec because the Wifi was going to be off.

Then we got our lunch to get ready for Morning tea then we eat then when we finished eating we were playing with the toys then we all played than the lights were on when we went on our netbooks we played then the bell rang ding ding ding then we closed our freetime tabs then we went down to the floor to say our prayers.

I wish that never happens ever again.

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